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Know what’s on and be always up to date on our upcoming program. Don’t miss out on events and entertainments! Get all relevant information on the newest school holiday program. Find out where and how to get tickets for our Opera in the Castle. Be informed on when to come along to meet Sir Justyn and much more.

School Holiday Programs

What's on: School Holiday Programs

Come and explore the Sunshine Castle these Winter Holidays for our Festival of Funne!

Castle Calendar of Events

What's on: Castle Calendar of Events

Be always up to date with our highlights and events!

Sir Justyn at the Castle

What's on: Sir Justyn at the Castle

Sir Justyn is our premier medieval knight. He resides regularly at Australia’s Biggest Castle and brings history to life!

Opera at the Castle

What's on: Opera at the Castle

Let us enchant you with Opera at the Castle! Get all information here.