School Holiday Program Sunshine Coast

Explore the Sunshine Castle these Winter Holidays for our Festival of Funne

The Sunshine Castle is once again proud to announce their much loved winter school holiday program. Winter is coming and a great season for a Castle experience. The Castle’s school holiday programs are popular and a great addition to the Castle’s self guided tour and treasure hunt, the Cafe and Toyshop. All activities are free with regular admission.

Sir Justyn's - Mini Medieval Festival

Get up close and personal with resident knight Sir Justyn and enjoy the different elements of his mini medieval festival days.
A big call out to all young archers to learn or perfect how to shoot the medieval longbow (rubber-tip arrows) under the guidance of Sir Justyn.

An all day archery competition can test your skill and suitability for a career as knight or princess and might win you a special Castle treat. Be sure to listen out for the daily canon fire displays – that folk promise will be hard to miss.

Learn a little more about history, castles and castle life and join in Sir Justyn’s knightly activities and challenges.

Craft'n'Games - Courtyard Crown Making

On crafting days creativity is the name of the game – with the Courtyard transforming into a big arts, crafts and games mecca. DIY Crowns and a colour in competition and some great BIG games will keep the young and the young at heart busy with royal business. Share some quality time with your group or family and have a go at the different activities, then share your results with the kingdom to win.

Castle Colour In Competition – your children choose a Castle motif and take part in the colour in competition. Post a picture of their masterpiece to our Castle facebook to win.

Courtyard Big Games – many modern games have their origins in medieval times. We have a heap of fun family favourites for you to try, some come in XXL sizing.

Create a Crown – we provide you with lots of creative materials to decorate and make your own crown. Wear it to be King or Queen of the Castle.

(craft activities and games require adults to supervise and assist children)

Princess Jemma – A royal celebration

If you are up for a winter of fun and glee – a princess party at a castle it shall be. Princess Jemma has moved into the Sunshine Castle for the holidays and she loves to play.

With the Castle Courtyard turning into party central there are many party games and activities to enthrall your young royals.
Get your dancing slippers on and partake in the Disco freeze or see if you are a real princess and find the Gem in Princess Jemmas game of musical thrones and the Princess on the Stone.

Unscramble some of the Princesses favourite tunes in a race against the clock or partake in three wishes and a game!
A Castle colour in competition or the coolest Princess selfie contest – could get you a seat at the Princesses round table – and be in to win a special treat or one of the daily Annual Passes and treats up for grabs.

Lord Stephen - Storyteller extraordinaire

The Storyteller extraordinaire Lord Stephen of Landsborough loves inviting you to join him as he recounts the stories of travels and travellers, knights, kings and legends. Find out about princesses, castles, battles and medieval magic.
May there be a story that grabs your imagination and beams you back in time. Perhaps you will be asked to kneel and recite the knight’s oath. A lucky few will be knighted indeed.

When the story is told and the young royals require a challenge to prove their skill and strength – the Lord Stephen will be running some fun and challenging games for kids that send a couple of modern favourite’s back to the past.
There is nowhere where history is more real these school holidays.

Every Admission buys you 2 days of entry to the Castle. So get your Double Trouble Deal * to receive that royal treatment!

During the School Holidays we are giving away:

15 x Family Annual Pass Vouchers
Various Café Vouchers
Mini Toys and Treats

Please Note:

  • The Sunshine Castle is open 7 days a week from 9:30-4:30 during Queensland school holidays. The Holiday Program runs daily from 10am – 3pm.
  • The program may be subject to change at management’s discretion and changes will be announced on Facebook
  • Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and cannot be left unsupervised. The booked entertainers for the Holiday Program are there to safely run activities and entertain – they are not there to supervise or take responsibility for the children.