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Birthday Parties

Get a great old-fashioned fun time party for you child in Australia’s BiggestCastle

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Every bride should feel like a Princess. Get the moment they deserve at Australia’s Biggest Castle


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Tourist Attraction & Function Venue on the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Castle is a medieval themed museum / tourist attraction and function venue. This Sunshine Coast attraction promotes history, encourages education and facilitates unique celebrations. Built in 1972 as the Fairytale Castle to only display fairytale depictions and dolls it now offers an insight into an era of European history. The Castle aims to bridge the gap between the Medieval era and the Sunshine Coast’s history with a modern and innovative business approach.


Dear Sunshine Coast Community and beautiful Bli Bli,

It is with extreme devastation that we are announcing that our hand has been forced in the closing of our Castle tour through the original and aged buildings of the Castle.

Increasing recent and completely unrepairable maintenance issues in the entire original structure have taken these buildings to a stage where we have to put public safety first and cease operating this quintessential part of our operation.

We will still be operating our Toy shop – Absolut Toys from the entrance building and our Coffee counter and Bar on the Café Terrace. We are also pleased to still offer a mini tour via our Courtyard with lots of armour and history shields that leads to all the kid’s favourite displays. Families and visitors can still explore our freshly renovated Doll Museum, our Castle Gallery, the Dancing Dolls, our Fairytale Walk and our Model Train set. These areas are in no way affected by issues in the older parts and have been built in a completely different way and at a different time. Instead of charging admission we are excited to announce that we are embracing a “pay what you wish concept” for the mini tour, allowing our royal customers to choose the contribution they make after they have seen what’s on offer and met our beautiful staff. This will allow price to no longer be a barrier and give the community an incentive to visit.

We are the third family in the Castle’s 48 year history to add our legacy to this unique location. Operating the Castle as a Tourist attraction, function venue and medieval museum over the last 20 years has been a pleasure, a passion and a labour of love.

We have taken pride in building the business we have and the diverse products we have offered over time. We were only very recently rewarded for our efforts by winning a 2019 Sunshine Coast Business Award for best Tourist Attraction in the small business category.

With obvious recent challenges to our industries – we ceased operating our Café at full capacity and closed down the function side of the business last year. Having faced challenges before, we were confident in our choices to consolidate the business to our tour and toyshop. Amazing support from our local visitors and domestic tourists has recently made this very possible.

We did not see this coming so soon.

Whilst we knew from the start that the Castle we had taken on was definitely not built with longevity and the ruthless Queensland weather conditions in mind we invested incredible amounts of time and resources, continually improving the status quo, with the purpose of extending operational life of the structure for as long as possible.  Very recently a piece of the Castle façade has come away and exposed the internal structure uncovering far greater issues than we had previously been aware of. It was without hesitation that the action to close the tour was taken immediately at this point.  We were in the midst of planning for some exciting new projects for 2021 and even employing again to facilitate these, when we were suddenly forced to face the raw and undeniable fact that we have lost this battle.

Our family is an integrated and active part of the community in Bli Bli and across the entire Sunshine Coast. We are not only business owners – but we live next to our Castle.

We know and understand the value the locals and tourist place on having a Castle to explore and visit. We love providing the Castle experience to all the young knights and princesses and lords and ladies that visit us. It is their enjoyment of what we provide that was always our driving force and inspiration.

We are totally gutted that we can no longer facilitate this into the future.

Whilst we face severe financial, emotional, staffing and housing implications ourselves, we acknowledge the shock and sadness that the community faces with us.

We appreciate the support we know we have out there and do hope you all come to visit and shop at Absolut Toys, share a cuppa in our courtyard with a friend and explore our mini tour with a contribution of your choosing to support us in the interim.

We want to take this opportunity to especially thank and acknowledge our staff who we adore. They have been involved in and share the hard choices we have made 100% – you cannot ask for a better team than that.

Exactly how we move into the future under these circumstances is still unclear, we need a little time to process what is now possible and formulate a currently non-existent plan B.


Kids Activities

Get interactive with our educational treasure hunt for children and the young at heart. You have the opportunity to get a free treat from the King’s treasure chest. Our recently expanded history shields tour offers detailed information on the medieval elements of the Sunshine Castle and medieval history. For more fun get  dressed up in themed head gear. Come see all the things to do with kids at our amazing venue!

Fun Things To Do

Our attraction venue is a stand out landmark in this location as a Norman style Castle. With its medieval additions, complete with moat, turrets, towers and drawbridge it is totally unique in Australia. The Sunshine Castle is filled with medieval and historical displays. More thyn that, you can find other cultural exhibitions as well as reminants of the original dolls and fairytales that were the reason for the Castle to be built in the first place. You are able to explore at your own pace in a self walk tour. Wander over the drawbridge into another time and feast with Kings in the Great Hall or squalor in shame in the dungeon. The Castle keep is a 24 metre lookout tower that offers stunning views from Coast to Hinterland.

Functions & Venues

The Sunshine Castle hosts themed children’s birthdays, a special school holiday program, weddings, private and corporate functions, special events and festivals as well as school workshops. A selection of talented local entertainers are available to add flair to all of the functions including fire performers, belly dancers, wandering minstrels, magicians, theatre dinner performers, children’s entertainers and many more.

childrens party venue sunshine coast

Kids Birthday Venue

For an epic kid’s birthday party, sure to excite your knight or princess and friends – checkout our venue options, entertainment extras and menu choices. A party to impress without the mess!

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sunshine coast wedding venues

Wedding Venue

The Sunshine Castle is the ultimate venue for the celebration of a lifetime.
Share the magnificent Castle exclusively with your family and friends as you celebrate the beginning of your new life together. Our commitment to quality will reflect your commitment to each other.

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corporate functions venue sunshine coast

Party Venue

If you are looking for something with a special flair in a functions venue – then you have come to the right place. Whether you want to channel your inner princess or knight, dine like a royal in our great hall or relax and enjoy a casual courtyard party with your friends , our party venue can create an event for you…

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family attraction sunshine coast

Self Guided Tour and Treasure Hunt

Explore the Castle, our Medieval Museum and History Shields Tour at your own pace, be amazed by the relics of the original dolls and fairy tales and and earn a treat from the Treasure Chest by completing our Treasure Hunt… Only your imagination limits who you can be..

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corporate functions sunshine coast

Corporate Functions and Events

Welcomed to our atmospheric Courtyard in this unique castle setting. Your delegates and guests will enjoy a magnificentmedieval celebration or an elegant event with royal flair! Your team will love something outside the box at our uniqe corporate functions venue.

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Absolut Toys and Collectibles

Absolut Toys is located in the centre of the Sunshine Coast in Bli Bli, inside the Castle, and offers you and your children quality toys that last generations at affordable prices.
Sourced from Australia, Europe and all over the globe, all the “absolut toys” are fun, safe and carefully chosen to create an environment that promotes learning and development as well as endless fun. Absolut Toys are stocking more variety of some of the well established brands in toys available currently, as well as introducing a whole new range of brands set to find homes in your children’s toy selections in the future.

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