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Absolut Toys is a Sunshine Coast based family business!

Absolut Toys is passionate about providing unique, quality and themed Toys.Sourced from Australia, Europe and all over the globe, Absolut Toys product range is fun, safe and carefully chosen to create an environment that promotes learning and development as well as endless fun.

With a recently announced move from their original Maroochydore store into the Sunshine Castle. A new era of toy retailing has begun. And how fun is it to shop for your toys in Castle. Plans to extend and expand the current outlet size shop into a full toyshop will be taking place over the next few months.

Absolut Toys has a vision!

Toys help kids learn about the world around them. They send messages and communicate values, so we need to carefully consider the toys they play with, where they come from and where they’re going to end up once they’re no longer used.

It may be the generation where kids are able to work the i-pod, i-phone and laptop before they can actually read and write but that does not satisfy the need for human interaction and exchange.  Sunshine Coast based child and teen development expert and author Dr Lynette Maguire agrees. “It is vital that we find a balance for our children away from technology and just let them ‘play’. This will develop the physical, social and emotional skills that will see them through their teens and into adulthood. “Toys foster a child’s first reflections on community, they role play to see where they belong and strengthens who they are.”

So after fad shopping and mega merchandising and digital overload the trend is clear. Families are turning back to the classics and investing in their children, and possibly their children’s children by buying quality brands, from quality and often eco-friendly, sustainable sources set to stand the test of time.

There are so many toy favourite’s that simply never go away – kids have always loved puzzles, classic board games and wooden dollhouses or kitchens, especially when they are all available with a modern twist. Quality is getting more and more shelf space with the independent toy retailers in Australia and the customer that invests in these toys is often well informed and price conscious. In our business, the quality of our toys remains our point of difference, we sell quality toys at affordable prices, these toys are our best sellers and we hope our customers always return to buy more.

Absolut Toys offers a unique experience in buying toys at Australia’s biggest Castle.

Absolut toys are also available online at www.absolut-toys.com

Maybe you want to combine your visit to buy toys with a visit to the Castle where you can do our self guided tour and treasure hunt

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