Castle Entertainers

Make Your Event Even More Memorable

Castle Entertainers

Make Your Event Even More Memorable

The Sunshine Castle has a large pool of different acts and entertainers to call on, to make your function a roaring success.

The short descriptions below allow you to plan your perfect party at our venue. You are able to choose different entertainment options depending on your wishes.
Please consult with one of our event coordinators to find out details & availability. Pricing depends on the function and requirements and are quoted seperately. There is a list of indicative prices available upon request.

ET Circus

Jinx the jester from ET Circus is sure to impress your guests! This dynamic performer is famous in the kingdom for her outrageous fire breathing and twirling skills. This entertainer is also a master acrobat and performs for adults and children. You will be amazed when she does 55 hula hoops at the same time, juggles, does ribbons, spins plates, bends herself into weird shapes and acts…well…like a fool.

Emberella from ET Circus is a fire performer with a difference and is guaranteed to make your event memorable. Emberella twirls fire staffs and double fire staffs and has BROKEN THE WORLD RECORD IN FIRE BREATHING * If that wasn’t enough, to make her show spectacular, Emberella includes original tricks that have got the world talking as years ago she invented her signature move of TWIRLING FIRE STAFFS WITH HER FEET!

ET Circus also offers magicians, jugglers, multi fire performers, stilt walkers, MC services and Acrobats.
Furthermore ET Circus offers  fantabulous childrens entertainment characters including, princesses, fairies, jesters, pirates, and more. If you have a variety of children attending your event – she is amazing at keeping the young royals entertained and happy learning circus skills and playing party games – so the adults are more relaxed.

Bellydancing Sharmara

This beauty will dazzle you with her skills in the ancient art of bellydance. Hailing from the far east, Shamara will seduce your guests with her beatiful moves and may even get you up to join in!

Marty Sima – Wedding Singer/Guitarist and DJ

Marty Sima is a versatile and accomplished acoustic guitarist, musician ,singer all across the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland. His musical variety ranges from light background acoustic guitar with soft vocals through to high-energy rock, everyone can dance to. Marty Sima performs music to suit your every entertainment need. Furthermore he is also a Sunshine Coast and Hinterland Wedding DJ and is well stocked with all your dance favourites for later in the night.

Sir Justyn

Sir Justyn and his team are dedicated performers, reenactors and educators. There are many types of displays & show formats that Sir Justyn uses for various engagements. Combat displays are popular and can range in levels of intensity from fun or mild to frighteningly realistic. The most popular and requested formats are:


  • Herald or Knight MC host
  • Educational Medieval /Armoury Display & Talk
  • Combat Displays
  • Medieval School Workshops
  • Cultural & Craft Displays
  • Kids Parties – including archery and junior jousting activities
  • Medieval Weddings
  • Corporate Events & Seminars
  • Medieval Combat Tuition – Team Building
The Underground Opera Company

The Underground Opera Company performs two seasons of Opera in the Castle per year. Audiences are treated to this unique, intimate venue that accentuate these acoustic concerts. The Great Hall in the Sunshine Castle epitomizes this. Not only is the venue unique but the sound and atmosphere is amazing. It is hard to describe it but you can physically feel the singers’ voices tingling through you. We are are very happy to be able to present performers of an International calibre in our magnificent venue. With that we uphold the Underground Opera’s motto “Extraordinary performances in breath-taking spaces”. The Opera can also be booked by corporate and private functions. A new Pop Up Opera Concept is also available.

Be Amazed Entertainment – Miss Donna the Clown

You may have seen simple balloon art before, but never like Miss Donna and Mr Jay!
Going far beyond simple dogs and swords, they use balloons to create astounding sculptures, wearable costumes and eye-popping larger than life creations.
From intricately woven hats to zany balloon caricatures, their unique, innovative and completely amazing balloon entertainment will be remembered well after your event has finished.
Miss Donna and Mr Jay also offer face painting which is perfect for children and adults a like. Whatever your event, these world class face painters are guaranteed to make your function a success!
Childrens characters, magic and baloon shows are also available.

In the Act

In The Act is a performing duo featuring two of the Coast’s most experienced performers, Naomi Clasohm and Russell Morgan. These two actors have years of theatrical performance behind them, which will have you in stitches as they take you on a journey involving some of your favourite characters such as Robin Hood, Maid Marian and the Wicked sheriff of Nottingham, Little Red Riding-Hood and the Wolf or Rapunzel and Prince Charming. Of course, all of them behaving in ways you never expected. Add to the mix some wayward wenches, petulant peasants and sword-fighting princes for a hilarious and entertaining event which is full of humorous sketches and songs.

Musica Prima

Perfoming music from the medieval and renaissance periods, Musica Prima provides you with the perfect backdrop to any event. Using instruments including the hurdy gurdy, viola, recorder, flute as well as bowed psals, they are sure to enchant you and your guests.

Other Info

The Sunshine Castle can also source and hire in DJs, Magicians, Wandering Palmists and Fortune tellers, String quartets, Singers and Bands.

All entertainers are required to provide proof of their full public liability insurance before they are allowed to perform at the Sunshine Castle.

Entertainers hired by clients themselves must be announced beforehand to the venue and provide all required information prior to the begin of the function.

We have very strict noise level restrictions, which we are required to monitor. We retain the right to advise against performances that may find it difficult to stick to these levels. Management will stop performers, bands and DJs who do not respect the venues requests.

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